So basically what I'm getting from the fandom here is:

  • Sterek fans: *ignore Posey at his own panels during cons, bash his character, slam his acting, wish his character would die so Stiles can be the main character*
  • Posey: *is friendly and gracious and positive*
  • Sterek fans: *vilify his character's actions, erase him from fan work, erase him from pictures with his real life friends, whitewash him in fanwork, deny his heritage, are ableist and racist as hell about his character and Posey himself, actively bash his fans and Scott fans, actively discourage the liking of Scott, trash up and harass any congregations of Scott fans and ignore Scott effort*
  • Posey: *is friendly and positive*
  • Sterek fans: *call him homophobic for not 'understanding' Sterek when Dylan O'Brien called it laughable and Tyler Hoechlin has gone on record that it makes him uncomfortable and receive not even a quarter of the flack*
  • Posey: *encourages Scisaac and blatantly says he'd like to kiss Dylan on screen as part of the plot*
  • JDavis: *panders to Sterek fans exclusively through queerbaiting, promotes Dylan O'Brien over Posey constantly, shifts the focus of the show away from him when he's the lead (after taking credit for casting an 'ethnic' lead), bodyshames him, downplays him, and continues not to acknowledge his heritage*
  • Posey: *is friendly and positive and kinda awkward and unsure*
  • Sterek fans: *go through ridiculous lengths to remove him from the narrative, cheer his shifting from main focus of the show, and have gotten so ridiculous that even other Sterek fans are pointing out the levels to which this fandom has been anti-Scott as being heartbreaking and blatantly racist*
  • Posey: *gives the fuck up after three years and says yeah, no, don't like Sterek and isn't super polite or positive about it*
  • Sterek fans: *blast him you know like they've been blasting him forever because neither he nor Scott can ever be good enough to be one of their favs*